Maybelline Color Tattoos 24 hour cream gel shadow


I love these!! Seriously they are my favorite new products along with Revlon Lip Butter (more on that later)

I finally got them0 all! (Well…all the ones that I wanted to get anyways) ūüėČ

I had to buy every single one (except for Too Cool but that’s because I love my NYX Shadow Base in White so didn’t really see a point in getting that one).

Once these set they will seriously stay on all day. I even went to sleep one night with my eye make up on (bad I know) with one of the shadows as a base and everything but my eyeliner was on perfectly the next morning. So are you ready to see a major colorfilled and yummy swatchapolozza! (Geez I think my spell check just quit on me for typing swatchapolozza)
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Being a Vegetarian


So my first month of being a vegetarian is over, onto the second month. 

So, I had my easy days and I had my hard days; there were days where I totally forgot meat at all. Then there were days where all I could think about was bacon, buffalo chicken wings (the thought of that still makes my mouth water), halibut, crab, and shrimp. I can honestly say though that things are a lot easier for me now, I don’t have the strong desire and I know that I can live with out those foods. So what I’ve been making lately has been my special soup, green smoothies, oatmeal, and a lot of veggies!¬†

I find it hard to be able to go eat out something unless we go to Red Robin, Olive Garden, or IHOP

I’ve had a few problems with servers when I’ve asked for no meat or to put it on the side so that’s been very frustrating.

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I’m sorry that’s all the Christmas photos I took but heres what I got for Christmas

I am in love with the Urban Decay Naked Palette I wish I had received it years ago it is my new favorite thing I use it almost every other day. And theres a funny story about the new kabuki brush, I saw a picture of it in Glamour one month and then went on a quest to find it, I couldnt find it anywhere and gave up on it. Then i empty my stocking and there it is! It made me so happy, the only thing about it though is that its really flimsy, I cant use it to apply bronzer or face powder. I just use to to buff my powder and help it blend better.

Make Up haul (MAC and Drugstore )


Lots of new pretty stuff!



Featured: Blue Had Me At Hello
HIP Color Truth cream eyeliner 945
Sally Hansen Loose glitter in white
MAC Lady Gaga Viva Glam 1 & 2
NYX Peony 611
NYX Fig 640
Revlon Super Lustrous 740 Kiss me Coral
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter 020
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter 055
Rimmel Moisture Renew 500
MAC Pro Longwear A30
MAC Pigment Nebula
MAC Pro Longwear lip pencil Kiss me Quick
MAC Blush Ombre Azalea Blossom

Heres Coco


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Coco is my adorable Keeshond puppy, she is like our baby Trent and I love her so much. There are times where she drives us crazy (yesterday she decided that she was going to knock over her water dish, maggies water dish, and maggies littler box so we literally had a beach in our bathroom…silly puppy. Shes so fluffy and hyper yet so sweet and bitey. The last two pictures are from when we gave her a bath she was funny and did not like the water at all but she flattened out and looked so sad and pathetic but shes still adorable!!!

My goals for 2012


So these aren’t really New Years Eve resolutions, in a way they are but I’ve never been able to stick to mine and don’t know anyone who has, these are simply just goals I have in my life right now.

  • Go to IMATS LA
  • Purchase an airbrush system
  • Have clear skin for a month (weekly updates)
  • Have a guest look posted on
  • Film and publish at least two (if not more) tutorials a week
  • Enroll in school
  • Build a studio and do freelance work
  • Be hired as a freelance artist for MAC
  • Eat healthy and lose weight (Monthly updates)
  • Become a¬†Vegetarian

I’m hoping that since this is gonna be posted on here that its going to make me stick to everything and ill be able to keep updates posted.

So those are the goals I have come up with keep posted for weekly/monthly updates

Top 10 Favorite Beauty Brands


Disclaimer: I may not have my favorite products from each brand to swatch, have pictures and use in tutorials, but i¬†don’t¬†need to have them in my¬†possession¬†to love them.

1.) Inglot

I can not wait to order my first¬†eye shadows¬†from Inglot, I have watched so many make up artists use Inglot, have seen swatches and I’m in love I really cant wait they are so bright and¬†pigmented¬†I just want them all, I also love their lip glosses, loose shadows, gel liners. I haven’t seen anything I don’t like.

2.) Sugarpill

Again I don’t own anything just yet I asked for some stuff for Christmas, I love Sugarpill for three eyes shadow alone: I love Absinthe; the bright acid green, Flamepoint; a matte orange, and Buttercupcake!!! A bright, bold, and colorful yellow!!! I cant wait for xmas I love those colors!!!

3.) Make Up Forever 

I love MUFE eyeshadows and their aqua liners I love the sparkles and that they have unusual products like the red liquid liner, and the blacklight powder.)

4.) Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics 

Lip Tars and bright pigment shades, I haven’t gotten to try anything from them yet but they are on the list

5.) NYX 

I love my Jumbo Pencils, i also love the pigmentation of the loose pearl shadows, the Ultra pearl, and lip glosses. The only I tried from them that I didn’t like was an eyeliner that i had to melt with a lighter before I could use it.

6.) MAC

I have always been a MAC girl at heart,

7.) Mehron

I have a Mehron Metallic powder in Silver, and it is the best silver eye shadow I have ever had in my make up collection.

8.) Urban Decay 

Naked Palettes, 24/7 liners and shadow pencils, havent gotten to try anything over then swatch and play with at Sephora

9.) Kryolan 

UV dayglo palette I will love any make up can glow under a blacklight


neon collection, I love bright colors and cant wait to play with these