Heres Coco


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Coco is my adorable Keeshond puppy, she is like our baby Trent and I love her so much. There are times where she drives us crazy (yesterday she decided that she was going to knock over her water dish, maggies water dish, and maggies littler box so we literally had a beach in our bathroom…silly puppy. Shes so fluffy and hyper yet so sweet and bitey. The last two pictures are from when we gave her a bath she was funny and did not like the water at all but she flattened out and looked so sad and pathetic but shes still adorable!!!


About ladylipprint

I am a make up artist, I am also a total make up junkie, MAC addict, shoe whore, bag lady (i love me some purses). Trent nicknamed me Lady Lip Print. I cook, I bake, I love MAC electronics (MAC squared! haha), and i love wild eyeliner! I created this blog to keep a record of my journey as a make up artist

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