Being a Vegetarian


So my first month of being a vegetarian is over, onto the second month. 

So, I had my easy days and I had my hard days; there were days where I totally forgot meat at all. Then there were days where all I could think about was bacon, buffalo chicken wings (the thought of that still makes my mouth water), halibut, crab, and shrimp. I can honestly say though that things are a lot easier for me now, I don’t have the strong desire and I know that I can live with out those foods. So what I’ve been making lately has been my special soup, green smoothies, oatmeal, and a lot of veggies! 

I find it hard to be able to go eat out something unless we go to Red Robin, Olive Garden, or IHOP

I’ve had a few problems with servers when I’ve asked for no meat or to put it on the side so that’s been very frustrating.

I had a horrible time at one restaurant a few weeks ago.

I ordered a large salad with a side of fries, pretty simple right? I guess not.

First they tried to give me a side salad, I sent that back saying I wanted a large salad, the waitress said “Oh ok Im sorry for the mistake Ill go let them know and Ill bring you some of the dinner bread to make up for that.” 

Then they bring me my salad and tell me that the rest of my order will be up in a few minutes. 

So I finish my salad and wait, and wait, and wait more until the server comes back over and basically says she forgot all about me and didnt get the order in for the bread and fries. We just said to bring the bill and that we were leaving. On the bright side they took my salad and drink off the bill as an apology. On the other hand I went to the movie theater starving and reluctant to pay ten dollars for popcorn, that’s extortion. 

So back to my update, so far I lost 17 pounds, my skin cleared up very quickly, I have more energy, and I just feel better about myself


some of my favorite recipes are:

Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts 
Sauteed Zucchini with bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese
Roasted garlic Green Beans
Glowing Green Smoothie
anything from the Beauty Detox Solution
anything from xsparkage is where I found the recipe for the soup I’ve been eating

So yes a few of those are vegan blogs but I dont think I can go vegan, I would have to cut out cheese (cant do it), honey (what would i put in my tea and granola? Honey is one of my favorite things!), and leather. I know its horrible but my favorite boots are leather, theres my green leather purse, and then my favorite leather jacket. I dont think I could ever give those up, I just cant do it. 

So back to vegetarian, I get the oddest feeling that I’m never full, I don’t know if its just how that is at the beginning or if its not a good thing. I don’t feel weak or seriously tired I just dont feel full. Are there any vegetarians that understand what I’m feeling?

I’ll start posting the recipes I’ve been making. 

So has anyone else been able to stick to their resolutions? I’d like to hear about them.


About ladylipprint

I am a make up artist, I am also a total make up junkie, MAC addict, shoe whore, bag lady (i love me some purses). Trent nicknamed me Lady Lip Print. I cook, I bake, I love MAC electronics (MAC squared! haha), and i love wild eyeliner! I created this blog to keep a record of my journey as a make up artist

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