I am a make up artist, I am completely addicted to MAC Cosmetics and Make Up Forever. I love eyeliner and lip gloss. I adore shoes and purses although my clothes are kinda boring, I love to read and write (Obviously I mean I am writing a blog 🙂

My boyfriend gave me the nickname of Lady Lip Print. Whenever we went to the Painted Plate I would put on lipstick and kiss the piece then paint over my lips as my design, thus naming me Lady Lip Print! Also I love lip color and combing and creating lip shades. This blog is a journal of my progress and achievements as a make up artist. There will also be random bits and pieces from my life; such as recipes I stumble across while on my first goal of 2012, being a vegetarian. Ill post things about my dog, shoes/purses, books I’ve read, or random things I’ve bought that I enjoy. Ill do some posts call “Lookie at what I found” which will be about new things I bought that I am obsessed with. So that’s enough about me, I’m going to link to some of my websites such as twitter, Facebook (Which I never go on because Facebook is kinda boring to me), listography, youtube, ect.


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