I’ve moved!


Goodbye Blogger! Hello WordPress!


This is going to take awhile to get used to WordPress instead of Blogger but I think I’m going to like it more, I’m going to have to post more articles and upload a video and photos before I can compare the two and say which one I like more than the other one. I wanted to redesign my blog, have more control over it and change the web address theres another website called makeupmemiors and theres nothing under ladylipprint so I wanted to change that as well. Im actually just testing the free WordPress until next payday to see if I want to upgrade everything but so far I think its a yes 🙂


About ladylipprint

I am a make up artist, I am also a total make up junkie, MAC addict, shoe whore, bag lady (i love me some purses). Trent nicknamed me Lady Lip Print. I cook, I bake, I love MAC electronics (MAC squared! haha), and i love wild eyeliner! I created this blog to keep a record of my journey as a make up artist

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