I’m sorry that’s all the Christmas photos I took but heres what I got for Christmas

I am in love with the Urban Decay Naked Palette I wish I had received it years ago it is my new favorite thing I use it almost every other day. And theres a funny story about the new kabuki brush, I saw a picture of it in Glamour one month and then went on a quest to find it, I couldnt find it anywhere and gave up on it. Then i empty my stocking and there it is! It made me so happy, the only thing about it though is that its really flimsy, I cant use it to apply bronzer or face powder. I just use to to buff my powder and help it blend better.


About ladylipprint

I am a make up artist, I am also a total make up junkie, MAC addict, shoe whore, bag lady (i love me some purses). Trent nicknamed me Lady Lip Print. I cook, I bake, I love MAC electronics (MAC squared! haha), and i love wild eyeliner! I created this blog to keep a record of my journey as a make up artist

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