My goals for 2012


So these aren’t really New Years Eve resolutions, in a way they are but I’ve never been able to stick to mine and don’t know anyone who has, these are simply just goals I have in my life right now.

  • Go to IMATS LA
  • Purchase an airbrush system
  • Have clear skin for a month (weekly updates)
  • Have a guest look posted on
  • Film and publish at least two (if not more) tutorials a week
  • Enroll in school
  • Build a studio and do freelance work
  • Be hired as a freelance artist for MAC
  • Eat healthy and lose weight (Monthly updates)
  • Become a¬†Vegetarian

I’m hoping that since this is gonna be posted on here that its going to make me stick to everything and ill be able to keep updates posted.

So those are the goals I have come up with keep posted for weekly/monthly updates


About ladylipprint

I am a make up artist, I am also a total make up junkie, MAC addict, shoe whore, bag lady (i love me some purses). Trent nicknamed me Lady Lip Print. I cook, I bake, I love MAC electronics (MAC squared! haha), and i love wild eyeliner! I created this blog to keep a record of my journey as a make up artist

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